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Diagnosis, commissioning, training sessions, and seminars

Effective condition assessment of energy cables, substations, and transformers ensures the safe and problem-free operation of electrical power grids. Performing tests and diagnostics on electrical operating equipment can be a highly complex task, however. Medium and high voltage technology in particular requires a great deal of fundamental knowledge in order to understand the processes and interpret the measured values. Thanks to our many years of know-how in diagnostics for electrical operating equipment, we can offer you a package of services tailored to your needs.


  • Commissioning test for cables with accompanying PD diagnosis
  • Substation commissioning and diagnosis
  • Measurement and testing technology for transformers
  • Online monitoring

Highly refined instrumentation and diagnostic tools help you identify and localize defects. The best way to prevent defects, however, is through ongoing theoretical and practical training for your employees. Most of the defects found in medium and high voltage cable grids are the result of faulty assembly of joints and terminations.

Signs of PD on a substation bushing

Training (excerpt):

  • Fundamentals of cable technology
  • Partial discharge diagnosis for electrical operation equipment
  • Commissioning and practical excercises

To ensure problem-free equipment use and prevent errors, we tailor our training offerings to meet your specific needs. We train your employees at your company’s location to save you costs and travel time. By working in a familiar environment, your employees gain the needed confidence and learn the routines for their assigned measurement tasks.

Sample calibration certificate


You need certainty, for your customers and for yourself: Our partial discharge measurement equipment meets the specifications of the applicable IEC standard IEC 60270.

For partial discharge detectors and calibrators, we offer a calibration service in accordance with the mandatory performance test. You also receive a detailed calibration certificate to document the obtained parameters.


High-voltage testing systems and specialized instrumentation are subject to extreme stresses, particularly when used in routine testing. We are happy to perform any maintenance and repairs. We also add new functions as requirements change over time. We offer this service both for devices we manufacture and for third-party equipment.