KIT 4.0 High Voltage Construction System

The KIT 4.0 is a High Voltage system made of easily configurable elements. It is highly modular and is the ideal tool kit for conducting experiments in a university and in an R&D Lab. A variety of experiments are possible with the generated AC, DC, and impulse voltages.

The haefely hipotronics High Voltage Construction KIT 4.0 combines state of the art technology with ease of use, offering variable frequency experiments to students and is certified safety SIL 3.

It integrates a frequency converter front end, digital oscilloscope for voltage and current measurements and completely refreshed accessories set. All components have their own NI LabVIEW function block, making the KIT modular in software as well as in hardware.

The configuration is built up by inserting different KIT elements into connection cups or floor pedestals to form a self-supporting arrangement. Every connection cup has two vertical and four horizontal connection possibilities. All components have the same length and the same mechanical mating. No additional tools are required. Thanks to this simple yet sophisticated design, the user can create and recreate his setup quickly and efficiently.

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